Cover Me Turns 10: A Covers Tribute to Covers

Cover Me 10

Just two days after its release, Bandcamp already ran out of downloads of this kickass 25-song free cover compilation celebrating the Cover Me blog's 10th birthday. Featuring my version of "Mony Mony" with the great Myra Washington. 

Conceptual Continuity: A Cover Freak Tribute To Frank Zappa

Celebrating Zappa's 70th birthday, featuring my acoustic version of "Dirty Love"

Naive Medley: This Must Be The Coverville Tribute to the Talking Heads

The first official Talking Heads Tribute, featuring my version of "Naive Melody (This Must be the Place)"

The Big 0-3

Eleven birthday covers to celebrate the Cover Me blog's 3rd birthday. Featuring my acoustic version of "Happy Birthday" by Concrete Blonde.