'American University' Now Available for Streaming/Download


A year after its "limited release", I've decided to make the American University album available for streaming and download. To learn more, go here.

If you happen to be interested in a CD, you can also now get it at CD Baby. I recommend the disc so you can get the full Mixerman experience!

I do have higher bit rate files too, so it's possible I'll do an extremely limited vinyl release, even if it's just so I can hear it. I just got a new turntable and I've been completely blown away by the difference between files, CDs and vinyl. It's no exaggeration, it really is a completely different experience.

Thanks for listening!


#Unspeakable: The Music Video


See no evil

Being a musician in the post-MTV world, it’s always nice to have director friends. It works both ways I guess, but today it worked in my favor when I was texted the link to my new music video by my good friend, writer-director-novelist-songwriter-bass player — and I’m sure I’m leaving something out — BC Furtney.

BC and I have been friends since 2001, when we slung video tapes for the man at a low-rent, porn infested post production facility in West L.A. We almost came to blows there more than once, and it’s probably a good thing we both got fired because there’s no better way to ruin a friendship than to be exploited side-by-side by a dumb, corrupt piece of shit who is the only thing keeping you from moving into a tent under an overpass.



New Album ‘American University’ Announced on Peter B. Collins Show



I became a bit obsessed with “politics” after 9/11 and the Iraq War started. The Bush Administration horrified me, and I didn’t dream for years, until Obama was elected. My sleep was black. I really was afraid Bush and Cheney would hold onto power beyond their eight years.

Then when Obama kept up most of the same policies, I realized that it doesn’t matter who is president. I began searching for answers, and I found many by listening to Peter B. Collins’ podcasts.



Cover Me Turns 10!


Cover Me 10

Today was a big day for the 25 artists featured on the new Cover Me Turns 10 album. The fact that the site got 25 artists to turn in their songs on time is pretty amazing. I’ve been asked to participate in previous covers albums that never came out, I imagine because the other bands flaked.



Pretty in “Punk!”



I have always been just a guitar player. I used to think singer-songwriters were doing the bravest thing any artist could ever do. My curse was that I loved to write songs. Finding singers to sing them was always a problem, so ten years ago I decided I needed to sing them myself. I began writing and recording like a maniac, completing a new song every week for a year. These were acoustic demos, and I alternated covers with originals to keep it interesting.



John Dissed and The Discontents Cover Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”


The world probably doesn’t need yet another cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” but when my drummer Jeff asked if I’d like to record a free song in his studio, it jumped out at me. I always thought the chord progression in the chorus sounded like the Ramones, and I wanted to do something high-energy. I love the reference to assassinations, especially the line, “while we stand aside and look.”



New "Honeypot" Music Video


I’ve been a musician since I was 10 years old and have recorded a ton of songs, but I’ve never shot a music video, despite playing in a band with a film director for almost five years.

Anyway, I still haven’t done a properly-planned music video, but sometimes things happen spur-of-the-moment that work out better than the planned ones...




Veglam "Red Flag" Review by Geordie Pleathur


Toward the end of 2012, I stumbled upon the radically political rock and roll writings of Geordie Pleathur. I thought a guy with such great taste must have discovered some amazing bands, and searched around for more reviews of his. My search brought me to an awesome LA band with a cool JFK reference in their name, called Slow Motorcade. I emailed Anthony from the band right away, and soon after played them on my podcast. Anthony and I have since become great friends, and Pleathur recently reviewed my "Red Flag" album. Funny how things come around full-circle sometimes.

It's an honor to be able to share this with you.



Blog Post: Still Anti-War/Establishment: Black Sabbath, Hollywood Bowl, 4/26/2014


I originally didn’t support the current Black Sabbath reunion. I felt ripped off that the mighty Rick Rubin would be producing a new “classic line-up” Sabbath album without a fourth of the magic that was the band — drummer Bill Ward. It was the cohesion with Ward’s drumming that made bassist Geezer Butler sound so great on those early albums. They went hand in hand. It was a (black) magic you can’t put a price on, and I’m still saddened that it didn’t happen.

When I heard Sabbath was playing the Hollywood Bowl, and that tickets were just $40 (plus service charges of course), I decided I needed to see Ozzy just once in my life, so I broke down and got tickets...



Punk Globe "Red Flag" Review by BC Furtney


"America's an empire, the president's a vampire" is the unambiguous opening shot fired by L.A. singer/songwriter, John Dissed, on his long-awaited new LP, Red Flag, a lean, churning, burning collection of so-blunt-they-could-beat-you-to-death tracks that fly in the face of our crumbling modern day America, our cutout leaders and elected officials, and our own seeming consumer-numbed indifference to each mounting injustice.



Peter B Collins Show


I sent my favorite talk radio host Peter B Collins a copy of my new Red Flag CD and he asked if I would donate a few copies to be sent to new show subscribers. I was of course very happy to do this, as his shows are responsible for much of the lyrical content on the album.

I'm proud to say that the only way to get a physical copy of the disc is to subscribe to his show, which you should do anyway because it's GREAT. Turn off CNN, MSDNC (as Cindy Sheehan calls it) and Fox. Peter is the man!

I spoke with Peter for about 40 minutes yesterday on the phone for an episode of his show, which is now posted for subscribers. He played a sample of the interview and portions of my song "Black Site" on last night's PBC News & Comment: Rocker John Dissed’s New Song About Guantanamo.



Blog Post: Songwriting as Algebra


CD Baby recently blogged about how important it is to write bad songs in order to eventually stumble upon a good one. I replied on Twitter (not to be rude, but because I strongly disagree) that encouraging songwriters to write bad songs only teaches them to write bad songs. When you practice mistakes, you never stop making mistakes. Any musician knows this. CD Baby’s “tip” puts forth the myth that a good song is something that happens by accident once in a while, instead of being the result of a craft that one can learn to master.



Blog Post: “Open Your Eyes” to the Greatness of Stiv Bators


In the midst of JFK assassination anniversary hoopla, I wrote a thing about Stiv. Check it out here.


"Do Not Disturb" Out Now on DVD


It's a bit anti-climactic because this film was originally released in 2010 as "New Terminal Hotel", but earlier this month it was re-released as "Do Not Disturb" by Image Entertainment, and includes a song of mine over the end credits called "Tables Turn".

The song was inspired by peace activist, Cindy Sheehan's congressional run against Nancy (Impeachment is off the table) Pelosi in 2008. I was kind of shocked that the director thought it was appropriate for the film, but oddly, it works perfectly.


The film is available wherever DVDs are sold (Walmart, Target, Blockbuster, etc.). Here's a link to its Redbox page.

My friend BC is the director. He and I have collaborated for over a decade on many things, starting with a feature called "A Gentle Form Of Murder" that you might see pop up on eBay once in a blue moon.

Since then I have helped him out on a handful of film projects and we co-wrote over 50 songs for a female-fronted band we terrorized the southland with from 2005-2008 called Bull Lee.



Atomsplit and John Dissed Promo Flyer

Atomsplit and The Musician Collector


If you got your free copy of Bullpit Magazine, Issue #1, and the accompanying music compilation, you have read (and heard) Atomsplit. They are a band AND a comic, drawn by my friend Mike Dyson, who has done album art for Bull Lee singles and a couple of my EPs.

Below is a frame from last year's "Cross Town Traffic" (that's me on stage, rocking the Spectrum in Atlanta).


A new story starts today, also featuring Yours Truly, called "Atomsplit and The Musician Collector." Mike tells me it's gonna be quite an adventure. Click here to read. Bookmark the site if you wanna keep up - they have DVDs, comics and music in addition to the ongoing comic strips! - www.atomsplit.com

And if you haven't yet gotten the mag, go to www.bullpitrocks.com. Their infectious song "Chainsaw", included on the comp, is one of my favorites.


The Paranoid Squirrel


Armitage, host of the excellent Paranoid Squirrel Podcast, featured a song from the new EP on his Episode 305.

Also on the show: Desperado (featuring the late Clive Burr, Iron Maiden's original drummer who sadly passed away earlier this month), Volbeat, The Von Hertzen Brothers, Eight Rounds Rapid, The Godfathers and Texas Terri & the Vampire Junkies. Live music from The DeRellas, The WitchDoktors, The Healthy Junkies, The Drej and Cars Like Sharks.

Here is a moving tribute to Clive, written by drummer, Robin Guy.

Thanks to Armitage. He does a really amazing show. You can subscribe on iTunes here.


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