Atomsplit and The Musician Collector

If you got your free copy of Bullpit Magazine, Issue #1, and the accompanying music compilation, you have read (and heard) Atomsplit. They are a band AND a comic, drawn by my friend Mike Dyson, who has done album art for Bull Lee singles and a couple of my EPs.

Below is a frame from last year's "Cross Town Traffic" (that's me on stage, rocking the Spectrum in Atlanta).


A new story starts today, also featuring Yours Truly, called "Atomsplit and The Musician Collector." Mike tells me it's gonna be quite an adventure. Click here to read. Bookmark the site if you wanna keep up - they have DVDs, comics and music in addition to the ongoing comic strips! -

And if you haven't yet gotten the mag, go to Their infectious song "Chainsaw", included on the comp, is one of my favorites.