"Do Not Disturb" Out Now on DVD

It's a bit anti-climactic because this film was originally released in 2010 as "New Terminal Hotel", but earlier this month it was re-released as "Do Not Disturb" by Image Entertainment, and includes a song of mine over the end credits called "Tables Turn".

The song was inspired by peace activist, Cindy Sheehan's congressional run against Nancy (Impeachment is off the table) Pelosi in 2008. I was kind of shocked that the director thought it was appropriate for the film, but oddly, it works perfectly.


The film is available wherever DVDs are sold (Walmart, Target, Blockbuster, etc.). Here's a link to its Redbox page.

My friend BC is the director. He and I have collaborated for over a decade on many things, starting with a feature called "A Gentle Form Of Murder" that you might see pop up on eBay once in a blue moon.

Since then I have helped him out on a handful of film projects and we co-wrote over 50 songs for a female-fronted band we terrorized the southland with from 2005-2008 called Bull Lee.