Peter B Collins Show

I sent my favorite talk radio host Peter B Collins a copy of my new Red Flag CD and he asked if I would donate a few copies to be sent to new show subscribers. I was of course very happy to do this, as his shows are responsible for much of the lyrical content on the album.

I'm proud to say that the only way to get a physical copy of the disc is to subscribe to his show, which you should do anyway because it's GREAT. Turn off CNN, MSDNC (as Cindy Sheehan calls it) and Fox. Peter is the man!

I spoke with Peter for about 40 minutes yesterday on the phone for an episode of his show, which is now posted for subscribers. He played a sample of the interview and portions of my song "Black Site" on last night's PBC News & Comment: Rocker John Dissed’s New Song About Guantanamo.