#Unspeakable: The Music Video

See no evil

Being a musician in the post-MTV world, it’s always nice to have director friends. It works both ways I guess, but today it worked in my favor when I was texted the link to my new music video by my good friend, writer-director-novelist-songwriter-bass player — and I’m sure I’m leaving something out — BC Furtney.

BC and I have been friends since 2001, when we slung video tapes for the man at a low-rent, porn infested post production facility in West L.A. We almost came to blows there more than once, and it’s probably a good thing we both got fired because there’s no better way to ruin a friendship than to be exploited side-by-side by a dumb, corrupt piece of shit who is the only thing keeping you from moving into a tent under an overpass.


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